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Introducing Montessori At Home: How To Accomplish This

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Montessori is an educational practice that uses the child as the model for teaching practices. Every child is different, and Montessori understands this. It uses the child and their own interests as a way to teach. To introduce these practices at home read on for some helpful tips.

Keep Things Simple

That large bin of toys may make you feel like everything is put away, but your child isn't going to want to dig through the bin for toys. Instead, use a shelf with only a few toys on it for your child to play with. Rotate toys a few times per month to give your child a few different options, but not an overwhelming amount of options. You can also use small baskets or shallow wooden bins to hold some toys.

Keep Toys Natural 

No, you don't need to toss anything that is plastic, but try to incorporate more wooden toys or toys made with natural items rather than being made of plastic. Think wooden puzzles, wooden stacking blocks, a wooden rocker, or a wooden train set.

Keep Belongings At Your Child's Level

Your child's toys should be within reach, not high up on a tall bookshelf or stored up high in a closet. When planning your play area for your child, get down on your own hands and knees to see where everything is placed and to be sure your child can reach everything. Invest in lower shelves or take a standing bookshelf and lay it on its side to give your child easier access to everything.

Keep Playtime Practical By Introducing Daily Life Activities

Life activities such as preparing food (pouring and scooping), lacing shoes, cleaning, putting things away, or even getting dressed are all things you would do in your daily life that your child is going to be interested in as well. Allow your child time to do these types of activities, even if things get messy -- that's a part of the play. Let your child help you put away groceries, let your child help you make a meal by putting ingredients together, allow your child to get dressed on their own - all of these things are going to help your child learn.

If you are interested in Montessori practices, introduce these practices at home and schedule an appointment with your local Montessori school to have your child enrolled today. Montessori schools can start as early as infant age and could go all the way through 12th grade.